Yau Ma Tei Police Station     油麻地警署
Located at the intersection of Canton Road and Public Square Street, the Yau Ma Tei Police Station was built in 1922 to replace
an old station in the same district. One of the oldest police stations in Kowloon, it has a lengthy history. There were further
additions after World War II, including a new extension wing to serve the purpose of barracks and a new accommodation block
(to the west of the existing station) built in 1957.

The Main (Old) Block is a three-storey building with two elongated wings forming a V-shaped plan. The neo-classical
architectural style is Edwardian Free Style featuring rusticated stuccoed walls, voussoired arches and strong horizontal linear
features in the continuous projecting canopies, cornices and rear verandahs.  The Old Block is composed mainly of offices with
the third floor designated as barracks for women police officers. The building is spacious and linked up by long corridors and
wooden doors decorated with arch-shaped lintels fitted with panes of artistically carved glass. The stone staircases and
wooden handrails are original and well-preserved, as are the second and third storey teak floors. The wooden floors on the
lower levels, having become worn and then dilapidated by age and pest infestation, were replaced with plastic tiles affording
easier maintenance if not originality.

Overlooking the compound are a series of chimneys that stretch out of the Old Block's roof which is composed of black tiles set
in acriss-cross pattern, marking yet another of the station's unique characteristics: fireplaces in the building's bigger rooms.

The main entrance is a semi-circular portico set in the indented corner at the junction of Public Square Street and Canton Road.
This indented corner is an interesting feature often used for fung-shui reasons and is even seen in modern high-rise blocks

The so-called Edwardian Free Style was a major style for civic buildings and represented a relatively modern approach to
classical architecture. The grandeur reflects the authority of the police force. It is a rare piece of architecture in Yau Ma Tei
with obvious built heritage value. Although many alterations and renovations hard taken place over the years the police station
still retains its authentic appearance.

The Yau Ma Tei Police Station was used as the district headquarters and is greatly significant in the historical development of
law and order in Hong Kong. During the social unrest of 1966 the police station was clashed by a mob but the police managed to
suppress it rapidly. As the police station has stood in Yau Ma Tei for over 80 years it is one of the landmarks in the area. It was
also important for the boat people who lived in the nearby Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter and Cargo Handling Area, as typhoon
signals were hoisted at the station.
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The Yau Ma Tei Police Station at No 627 Canton Road was built in 1922
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