Pun Uk, Au Tau   凹頭,潘屋
Built by Mr. Pun Kwan-Min in 1934 to commemorate his father Pun Yum-Wah, the Pun Uk is a traditional Hakka mansion with a
semi-circular feng shui pond at the front. The building was also known as Yum Wah Lo (Yum Wah's House) and Sze Tze Uk
(Mansion of the Lions) which refers to the two pairs of gold plated lions at the top of the front door.

Pun Kwan-Min was a successful merchant and supported revolutionary activities by making donations to the Tongmenghui. He
was the founder of the Ka Ying Chou Chamber of Commerce and the first president of the Asia Importers and Exporters
Association. He also contributed to the development of Pok Oi Hospital.

During the Japanese Occupation, Pun Uk was used as a Japanese military headquarters for Yuen Long.
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Pun Uk, Au Tau, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
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Pun Uk, Au Tau, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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