Tap Mun Tin Hau Temple  塔門天后古廟
This small, relatively flat, and very tranquil getaway in the far east of Hong Kong’s New Territories was named Grass Island by
the British. The Chinese, however, calls it Tap Mun (or Tap Mun Chau) meaning “Pagoda Gate” (Pagoda Gate Island) because of
the many large rocks lying along the costal line, emulating many pagodas guarding the water entrance to the Hong Kong

The origins of Tap Mun’s
Tin Hau Temple can be traced back to 1662. This traditional and very ornate temple dedicated to the
Goddess of the Sea is in excellent repair owing to a number of well-funded renovations over the years.

Tap Mun's twin villages, strung along the south-western shore, are home to the majority of the island's approximate 100
residents. Hakka and Tanka fishermen's homes rise on stilts above the water and small shops and stalls selling anything from
kites and cold beer to dried oysters line the main drag.
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Tap Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong
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