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Hong Kong
Hong Kong Government
Visit Denmark
Hong Kong Observatory
Danish State Railroads                  (DSB)
Hong Kong Police Force
Danish Ministry of the Environment - Nature Agency
Hong Kong Tourism Board
Danish Ramblers´ Association     (Dansk Vandrelaug)
Hong Kong Wetland Park
The Alley for the King's Armies    (Hærvejen)
Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden
South Funen Archipelago Trail     (Øhavsstien)
Friends Of The Earth (HK)
The Border Route                          (Grænseruten)
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society
The Coast to Coast Trail                (Kyst til Kyst Stien)
WWF Mai Po Nature Reserve  (A Ramsar Wetland)
Eastern Denmark on Foot             (Sjællandsleden)
The Harvard Club of Hong Kong
American Women's Association of Hong Kong
Hong Kong YWCA
RTHK Radio 3
(Hong Kong's only English language radio station)
BSP Bicycles Outlets
(affordable quality bicycles)
Tokyo Great Cycling Tour
(See Tokyo from a different perspective)
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Beyond Boundaries
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by Michael Hansen
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Grove Gardens, Cape Yamu, Phuket, Thailand
(Luxurious residence in a quiet corner of Phuket)
Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
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